When you’re looking for timekeeping software, it’s challenging to know which software will work best for your company’s needs. While it’s not difficult to find software that allows people to manually enter time, today’s workplaces are fast-paced and complex. Manual time tracking is slow and cumbersome, costing your team hours to produce timesheets and lowering morale every time timesheets are due.

The good news is that software can help make time tracking easier and more intuitive. The best time management software comes with features and analytics that make timesheets more useful for managers and employees. Such software can also integrate into your workflow across all your devices so it becomes easy to track time and remember what you’ve done. In addition, this software automates time tracking and can even predict how your timesheet will look at the end of the week based on current data and usage history.

Taken together, the ideal time management software solution integrates with people’s existing workflows to automate the time tracking process. It provides real-time data about how people work, so they can decrease distractions, avoid administrative tasks, and spend more time doing meaningful work.

Time management software should help you be more productive

Timesheets should help you be more productive. However, professionals often see timesheets as a chore, taking up time and energy every time timesheets are due. Tracking time is so hard because it’s difficult to log activity accurately. Many companies mandate that timesheets be completed every week, and busy professionals have a hard time accurately accounting how they spent their time each day.

Software can help us resolve the speed and accuracy problems associated with manual time tracking. Real-time data and predictive artificial intelligence are the cutting edge of timesheet technology. In the modern office, a timesheet is a living tool that helps professionals analyze how they’re spending their time, so they can bill accurately and understand the status and profitability of their projects.

The best modern time management software has five key characteristics:

1. Does it have all the features you need?

In the past, companies used different systems for timesheets, invoicing, expenses, and reporting. Now, modern time management software is an all-in-one solution. You can log hours, track expenses, send client invoices, and generate useful reports - all in one place.

The first and most important thing to consider when choosing time tracking software is how you’ll use it.

  • What functionality does the software need to have?
  • Do you need functionality for invoices that include hours, fixed costs, and expenses?
  • Do you bill by the project? By the hour? Both?
  • Will people use the software every day? Every week?
  • Will you need project-based reporting so you can stay on budget with complex projects?

Considering these questions ahead of time helps you narrow down your search when comparing various software solutions. What may be a must-have feature for one company could be completely optional for another.

2. Does it integrate with your workflow?

Your organization likely has an established way of doing business that already includes many kinds of devices and software. Your workflow shouldn’t change just because you’ve chosen new timekeeping software.

To get the full benefit out of your time management software, it will need to integrate seamlessly with the other software already in your workflow. This is especially important with time tracking software that uses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, as these services depend on accurate, timely data from the other software you’re using. When fully integrated, timekeeping software can automate most timesheet and project tracking tasks, freeing your team members to spend more time performing their primary job functions.

3. Is it available across all your devices?

Another key aspect of time tracking software is access. You should be able to track time and review data from your phone, tablet, or desktop. This is where web-based time tracking SaaS really shines, giving you instant access to track your time across devices, wherever you are.

With the rise of flexible work schedules, telecommuting, and hiring of independent contractors, instant access to data about projects and performance has gone from “nice to have” to necessary for many organizations.

4. Is the user interface easy to use?

Time clock software can be an amazing tool, as long as people at your organization use it. However, many time tracking solutions are clunky or downright difficult to use. Time logging shouldn’t be difficult or cumbersome.

The best time management software will incorporate principles of good design. It should have an intuitive, modern user interface that’s simple and easy to use. Well-designed software is more likely to gain wide adoption in your organization. As a result, the data and insights you gain from the software will be more valuable.

5. Is the software intelligent?

Intelligence separates the best time tracking software from the rest. Advances in artificial intelligence now allow intelligent software to automate the timekeeping process. Using artificially intelligent software to log time means that people have to spend less time on their timesheets, but it also means the time tracking data is more accurate - and that’s what’s important.

More accurate data drives more precise reporting and analytics on the status of your organization’s projects. In addition, AI-powered timekeeping software can produce insights on top of that timesheet data to help you detect organizational inefficiencies, discover projects that appear to be going off course, optimize project teams, and a lot more.

Real-time, AI-powered timekeeping software

At Allocate, we’ve built AI-powered time management software that meets these five key criteria. Our solution passively collects information about how people work and uses artificial intelligence to process that data, freeing people to work on their projects and driving insights for management to improve day-to-day operations. Employee timesheets are still verified by each employee - Allocate just makes it easy to get highly accurate timesheets so that managers can use this information to build the best business they can.

Our powerful software integrates with your workflow and provides analytics in a simple, easy-to-use interface. Our mission is to make time tracking easier, so people can spend more time on meaningful work. Schedule a demo to see what Allocate can do for your organization.