In the days of manual time tracking, organizations had to process timesheets, bill clients, and track project profitability by hand. Over the past decade, online time tracking software has helped lighten the load and automate some of these processes, but until recently time tracking still largely relied on employees manually entering time into software every week.

Since manual time tracking requires remembering what you did, usually days later, timesheets prepared by hand are often inaccurate and don’t give real-time information. New advancements in online employee time tracking and artificial intelligence are making timesheets smarter.

Today, when you’re searching for an online time tracking software, you can find solutions that have all the useful features you need, integrate with your existing workflow, are available across all your devices, are intuitive to use, and utilize artificial intelligence to give you insights into how your team and projects are progressing. Online time tracking software can make time management easier and more intuitive for your team.

Online employee time tracking: What to look for

There are many options for time tracking software, and if you’re just starting out it can be difficult to know what to look for and which software you should choose.

The first key component of any great online time tracking software is usability. You’ll want to make sure the software has a clean, intuitive interface that’s user-friendly for the people at your organization. Usability is critical when choosing timekeeping software because in order to gain useful data and insights from your timesheets, you’ll need wide adoption from the people at your organization.

Usability also includes access across all your devices. In the modern workplace, busy professionals are always on the go. Many companies also utilize telecommuting, remote work, and independent contractors to complete projects. Make sure to look for an online employee time tracking system that allows access from anywhere, anytime.

Another key element to consider is if the software has all the features you need. Modern online employee time tracking software can do a lot more than just log hours. You’ll also want to look into tracking expenses, auto-generating client invoices, creating project profitability reports, and integration with the software you use most. It’s a good idea to create a list of features you’d like to see in a timekeeping solution before you start your search for software.

Picking an intelligent online time tracking software

One key feature in new time tracking solutions is intelligence. Software can now link up with the programs you use most often to passively collect information about how your team is working and use artificial intelligence to process that data. Using AI, you can automate the timekeeping process, freeing people to focus on more meaningful work. AI can also drive insights about how your team is working based on accurate, real-time data.

At Allocate, our AI-driven software integrates with your workflow and provides analytics in a simple, easy-to-use interface. Our mission is to make time tracking easier, so people can spend more time on meaningful work. Schedule a free demo to see what Allocate can do for your organization.